Just Deserts

Does anyone else find it hypocritical that the US solar industry is upset with China, because China might be averting market forces and selling solar products below cost?

Market forces that the US solar industry is happy to avert by using mandates and subsidies to stimulate sales of uneconomic products they just happen to manufacture?  They lobby congress to pass laws forcing the taxpayers to subsidize their products and thereby transfer wealth from the pockets of the citizens to the accounts of the solar corporations.  Now they are upset China is undercutting them in price?

I call that just deserts. After lobbying for a decade to plunder the public coffers they are now dropping like flies (bankruptcies) because China also sees the huge artificial market and wants to play.  So maybe they are 'cheating."  The taxpayers are now actually benefiting from lower cost, if not "below cost" on the solar panels they are being forced to purchase thanks to the lobbying efforts of the solar industry.

As a citizen, taxpayer, and ratepayer the only thing I have to say about the US Commerce Department trade case against China is "Thanks China!"

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