Water and Energy

Nuclear power and other thermal cycle power plants are often dismissed as impractical solutions for Arizona because of their alleged high water use. Here are the facts.

The Palo Verde nuclear plant produces about 1/4 of Arizona's electrical energy and uses about 1% of Arizona's water. More specifically, the plant consumes 65 million gallons a day of water and the state uses about 6.5 billion gallons a day.

The real water consumer in Arizona is agriculture. We use ~70% of our water growing plants in the desert.

Why not build 4 new plants and sell power to California, or use the low cost power to help transition our 'oil' powered cars to electric and save more CO2 and reduce oil imports as well?

But at a minimum, Arizona could go almost 100% CO2 free in electricity generation if we built 3 more Palo Verde plants which will use 3% of the state's water.

Are we not willing to trade a little less cotton or a few less golf courses for a nearly CO2 free energy supply?

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