Schools Wasting Tax Dollars on Solar

We read every day about a school installing solar panels to save money on electricity, but there is a huge error in this logic from the viewpoint of public good.

The cost of solar electricity is very high and the school is just hiding the true cost by pushing it on to the taxpayers through a back door. The credits and rebates they use are funded through higher electric bills and taxes. There is no free lunch. The Tooth Fairy does not pay this, we do.

There is no magical way to get around the simple truth that PV electricity is expensive and we will fully pay these costs in the long run. Maybe the school saves money, but collectively we pay more.

So the School is ahead by 2 cents a kWh, but we all pay the 20 cent premium for every 2 cents they save. So who’s ahead?

The best move is to fund the schools directly though the front door and cut out the solar middle man who is pocketing most of the public funds.

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